Play Chess with Friends

When was the last time you played chess with friends?

Did you know that playing chess with friends can significantly improve the gaming experience?

Learn more about each other and compete for bragging rights just playing the historic and classical board game.

chess with friends



If you’re one of those people who have been playing chess for a long time, you’d know that having your friend as opponent definitely does not reduce in any way the quality of competition. As a matter of fact, the good feeling of being able to say “checkmate” to you opponent just gets better when you know it’s’ your pal that you’ve outsmarted in the game.

There are numerous differences when it comes to playing against strangers versus playing against friends. Just like in basketball or any sport, playing with somebody you know to a certain degree can intensify competitiveness. Bragging rights is more precious when the dispute is between two buddies.

Chess with friends also makes things more complicated. The usual moves and sequences that you’ve seen your friend do against you may suddenly change and surprise you from behind. When you know that your opponent knows you at a certain degree, you are bound to play with more awareness and flexibility.

Trash talk is another thing possible when playing with peers. Before the game, after the game, or even during the game, there are no guidelines in talking trash when its’ just your buddy you’re playing with. The fear of being trash-talked by their friend will also give players more focus in playing the game.

Another benefit of playing chess with friends is the high chances that you’ll be playing with each other again in the future. In short, friendly grudges. Remember how you won or lost to that friend and you are guaranteed to do even better the next time around. Friendly competition really ignites people without a doubt.


Family is also considered an extension of your friends. Playing this game with your family is just: as fun and competitive. Hang around with the family after dinner and play a couple of chess games. Trust me, it nourishes a lot of relationships.

Even at a young age, playing chess with friends has always been an activity that gives positive results. Kids at school bond and express competition by playing the board game against their friends. The game of chess without a doubt gets even better when considered too as a social activity.

Chess can even be a more accurate personality assessment test than an actual one. How you would react to different circumstances in real life can be reflected in the moves you make during the game. You can know more about your romantic friend or partner just by playing a few rounds of chess with him/her.

There are so many benefits of playing chess with a friend that even professionals who know a lot about the game can still find added enjoyment when it is a friend he/she is playing with. Two friends who both professionally play chess may begin to memorize the openings that his/her buddy executes often. In short, there are infinite outcomes when playing chess with a friend because you will always try to outsmart each other the next game.

Even the senior citizen population may find enjoyment in playing chess with a friend that they’ve known for their entire life. Playing with a friend of yours whom you have not seen for a couple of years would be a good starting point in catching up with each other.





For those people who are interested in playing this game with friends, there are a lot of ways to do so. There are countless online gaming websites that offer the game for multiple players. You can also download various chess games on your smartphone and connect with your peers. Even facebook has a chess game that you can play with your FB friends; but do you want to know a secret? Nothing beats the vintage chess board.

Playing chess with your friend face to face using the actual board gives the experience much more surrealism. Nothing can compare to keeping a straight face while formulating strategies on how you’ll beat your best buddy.
Another way you can spice up the game of chess through playing against your friend is to add a side bet. Aside from bragging rights, this side bet will stir up things even more. Simple things like loser will pay for lunch or even as simple loser fixes the chess board and pieces can add a ton of competition within the game.

One important thing that chess with friends teaches you is how to be a sport. It is inevitable that you will lose from time to time but you don’t want to be that touchy sensitive guy who easily gets upset and cannot accept defeat. Having your friend as an opponent may teach you this attribute really well.


To put in a nutshell everything above, chess is a perfect gauge to one’s friendship with somebody else. If any of you have already seen X-men movies, very good and long time friends Charles Xavier (Professor X) and Erik (Magneto) would often bond by playing chess against each other. This is a good proof as to why playing chess is beneficial to ones’ friendship with others.

If your friend often like trade kills like a queen to queen or a pawn to pawn, chances are he/she is a risk taker in life which means that your friend will make sacrifices if deemed necessary. Have you played with a friend that really takes a while to make a move and often is looking at the pieces seemingly thinking about something deep? That friend you have probably is a very patient and hard working person. Chess undoubtedly teaches us a lot.


So what are you waiting for? Do you still find it embarrassing to talk to your father or mother? Are you and your siblings always arguing? Do you and your partner always find yourself hunting for fun? Just pick up that board and let the magic of chess enhance the bond that you and your friend share.

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