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Have you ever wanted to play chess but didn’t have anyone to play with? Do you have a friend that plays really good chess and you feel that with enough training you can compete at the same level as him/her? Try playing chess with a computer and see for yourself just how much it can benefit your level of play. Here is a brief preview of why you should play chess against computer.


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Playing with a computer is the fastest way to play chess. Let’s start at that. If you’re stuck in traffic or a long line at the doctor, just pull out your chess-installed gadget and you can immediately experience the game first hand. Playing chess with a computer is a handy time killer.

Another positive thing that playing with a computer brings is the continuous consistent training. Why continuous? Because you can play as much as you want to when its’ a computer you’re playing with. Why consistent? Because artificial intelligence follows a code or syntax therefore making every move of the computer calculated.

How do you take advantage of the artificial intelligence? Often times chess games that offer artificial intelligence will provide you levels of difficulty that you can choose from. A smart chess player can use this leveling to gauge his improvement by moving ranks up as he beats his computer opponents.


Comparison Against Playing With Friends

There are also a lot of benefits in playing chess with friends. The same goes to playing the classic game with a computer. So what are the possible differences between the two that a chess enthusiast should know about?
Playing chess with a computer offers more flexibility. You can almost certainly expect artificial intelligence to know a lot more combinations and possibilities within the game compared to a human being. Maybe unless he is a chess grand master. But for the majority, you will observe more unpredictability when playing with a computer than playing with a person with limited experience.

Another striking difference between the two is that chess with a computer will teach you to more combinations and strategies within the game. Not only do artificial intelligence have stored data for their moves, the computer also reads your moves and stores them for future use. A move that you have used to beat the computer yesterday may be countered already today, and that’s all thanks to technology.

One more thing you’ve gotta love about chess with computers is the quick response it gives you. Unlike playing with a human opponent that takes time to think out strategies and defenses, artificial intelligence can make a move in a matter of seconds. It is indeed the perfect training ground for people who dream to be good in this game.

Due to all the differences given above, it is safe to say that playing chess with a friend and a computer are two totally different dimensions of the game. This is the reason why even if there are minor setbacks in playing with a computer, it is still considered to be very essential and helpful to a chess player.


Things to Consider When Playing with Computer

What are the few setbacks of playing with a computer? The most imminent set back in playing against artificial intelligence is the lack of mood and excitement. The speed of their decision in making moves can also be taken negatively because the time limit definitely is a part and a big factor of the game and is thus missing when playing with a computer.

So how should one take advantage of today’s technology? The best way in our opinion is to train very vigorously against computers and then try to apply everything you’ve practiced or learned against a friend or maybe a family member. In such way, a chess player picks out and benefits from the good aspects of both ways of playing chess.




To cap things off, all chess players should be aware of what they can get out of playing chess with a friend, or a computer. When you play chess with a computer, it’s almost like entering a training ground where you can try out just about anything you’ve thought of before while playing chess. The computer is the best opponent for someone to know what to do and what not to do during a chess game.

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